Elastomer Couplings AX-STICK

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Elastomer Couplings AX-STICK
Elastomer Couplings AX-STICK
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Developed and manufactured by AX!

This Elastomer Coupling AX-STICK is a substitute for the original connection made of plastic between gearboxes and motors of Segway i2 + X2.

It is made of high grade aluminium. Two coupling pieces are connected with an elastomer-star.

The connection makes a noisless and absolutely less wear out power transmission.

It replaces the original coupling made of plastic.


Information: If the gearboxes over the time begins to growl as they travel, it might be that the elastomers are worn.

A changing of elastomers is recommended by Segway. In this case AX recommends to change completly to AX-STICK Elastomer Couplings.


The AX-STICK will be assembled by sticking up.

For assembling you need additional LOCTITE 638 (AX-order no 86009313) and a special cleaner LOCTITE 7063 (AX-order no 86009314).

The changing needs specialized knowledge and practical workmanship.

A manual gide is included.


Price per piece (= 1 set for 1 wheel).


Information: The installation needs 45 minutes per wheel. After assembling LOCTITE 638 needs 22 hours cure time before the Segway can be activated and get in use.


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