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AX Accessory Xperts is a german company producing accessory for Segway®* PT and other vehicles in  extra quality.

This are Cargoframes, Parkingstands and Bumpers with or without an accessory bar and also articles for secure like lamps, bells and highly retroreflective marking as passive lighting equipment.

One of the important product ranges are articles for promotion.

The parts mostly are produced in staninless steel. Developed and produced by our specialists.


The here offered accessory articles for Segways® PT are mostly constructed and produced by our engineers and employees.

We are certified in accordance to DIN-EN ISO 9001-2008. A guarantee for top quality.


You have new ideas for new products? We are interested. Please contact us.


 Comment:   The combination holder STYLE 1, 2 and 3 and also the types i2 HL and X2 HLR

                   are available in new surfaces - powder coloured white!



NEW: AX is manufacturing licenseplateholder STYLE also for NINEBOT !!







*Segway is a registered trademarc of Segway Inc., 14 Technology Drive, Bedford, NH 03110, USA

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