Here you will find many products around transport with Segway.

Cargoframes in a special kind. Made of Stainless steel.

The optic of stainless steel makes your Segway exclusive and individual.


Exclusive made by AX.

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Product no.: 86001000

The AX-Cargoframe ELEGANCE fulfiles high requirements of funktion and aesthetic sense.

595.00 € / pair(s) *

In stock

Product no.: 86001020

AX-UNI is an universal-cargo plate.

76.00 € *

Not in stock
This product is subject to possible delivery delays.

Bracket to fix the AX-UNI-cargo-plate on tube Ø 25 mm.

47.00 € *
Product no.: 86001040

Elegant Cargo-Box. Plastic black.

39.50 € *

In stock

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