AX-STAND Business (Gen2)

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AX-STAND Business (Gen2)
AX-STAND Business (Gen2)
AX-STAND Business (Gen2)
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The AX-Parkingstand is one of the newest products of the AX-development-department.

The "Business" prevents that people can climb onto the Segway unasked.

Fits to Segway i2 and X2 (Gen2).


AX goes a new way to realise the pull out / pull in of the parkingstand.

The bar is made of aluminium and stainless steel with polished surface. Pulled in it fits into the mats exactly.

For to pull it out, you have not to go around the Segway - you can pull it out from the rear side.

The stainless steel bar is fitted into a special bearing made of High Tech synthetic material. 

The aluminiumbase is getting together exactly to the Segway. The surface is anodized in silver mat.

Easy to fit with two stainless steel screws in the frontopening at the base.

No trouble in use, not during the journey and not in case of stairsclimbing, it doesn't make any difference if you go upstairs or downstairs.

A plastic cap for the point is saving surfaces of floors. There is a second cap made of rubber for outdoor using on pliable grounds available with art.-no. 8600 9005.


Advantages you can profit of:

- persons cannot climb on unasked

- unique mechanic. Pulled in it is fitting into the mat

- useful on stairs

- no trouble-zones

- stable

- tough

- elegant and high quality look

- maintennance free


Screws made of stainless steel for to montage the parkingstand and a rubber cap for pliable grounds are included.

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