AX-WHEEL-PLATE Ø 410 mm incl. imprint

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AX-WHEEL-PLATE Ø 410 mm incl. imprint
AX-WHEEL-PLATE Ø 410 mm incl. imprint
99.00 / pair(s)
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The AX-WHEEL-PLATE will be assembled onto the rims of Segway i2 with Velcro strips.

For using with Segway X2 you need the AX-WHEEL-Assemblingset for X2.

In motion the advertise plates are rotating with the wheels. Ø 41 cm (also Ø 37 cm available).

We will deliver 1 pair = 2 pieces.

Fits to Gen2 and SE.


A high quality 4C-imprint is included. We can work with files jpg, tif and pdf.

On request we also can design the advertise plates especialy for you. Costs according to demand.

Fast and easy assembling.


Comment: This variant is also suitable for AX-WHEEL-SPINNER. So you can change the advertise plates very fast on the event.

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